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Worrying part of worry is that many a times we even don’t know that we are worrying. Because it is intermixed with thinking, or rather, most thinking is some sort of worrying. So if we observe our mind, we are either worried about what happened in the past, replaying that over and over again, what we could have done differently, or about what to do in future and how it is going to shape. And we are hardly in the present. This is very tiring. Because thought is energy converted. So our intense thinking dissipates energy. And the funny thing is on the face of it, we have hardly any control over it, neither the thinking, nor the past. We cannot bring back the past.

When we are sad, stressed, all cells in our body are sad and stressed, that creates the ailments in the body. Most people suffer from this unending cycle of stress and ailments.

Now, have you ever realized that what we comprehend of our body/mind and the environment around us is far less than point one percent of the total universe? And yet, we are a very part of that infinite universe, dependent upon it for our very survival every moment of our life. We hardly know about the intricate working of our bodily functions, most happening without our knowledge, nor are we aware of the infinite forces that govern and sustain the life, all planets, stars and zillion other things. And we don’t much worry about them. We assume they will function normally. Then why so much worry about that very minute fraction of the universe, that is our body/mind and our close surrounding? Why can’t we trust Him to take care of them too?

In Bhagvad Gita, there is a verse:


Meaning: Relinquishing all ideas of righteousness (and worries), surrender unto Me exclusively; I will deliver you from all wrong doings and protect you, do not despair.

Steve Jobbs, in his famous Commencement Address at the Stanford University talked about ‘connecting the dots’. He went thru some dramatic changes in his career, some of which had far reaching implications. Any other person would have been shattered, but Steve kept on pursuing his ambition. The success that he achieved was staggering, awe-inspiring. But he could connect the dots only after they all fell in place.

So if we unwaveringly pursue our passion, goals, with complete faith in Him, the success is assured. That is the Divine principle.

So most of us know the principles which the book ‘Secret’ has very well elaborated, the essence of which is ‘You keep thinking of what your most strong desire is, keep visualizing it and it will materialize’. But how do we go about it? Our thinking is most of the times very shallow and fragile. We can’t focus enough. So here are few practical tips to make this principle work for you:

  • If time permits, as a first thing in the morning, a walk outside would do wonders, as it gives a chance for us to be in the nature, helps clearing that channel of connection with Him.
    After this some breathing exercises are of tremendous value, e.g. Anulom/Vilom is a very powerful breathing exercise. This clears the mind and it becomes a good setting for meditation. Next, line up inside your mind the saints, and deities, people who motivate you most, your role models.
  • After the above, daily half an hour (at least) of meditation is a critical part of routine. Now there is a lot of literature on meditation and a lot of confusion. But very simplistically, just sit down, preferably cross-legged on the mat or something comfortable, if that is not possible for some, then even on a chair or bed is fine. Join your index finger with thumb of each hand and rest the hands on your lap.
    Meditation is a process of silencing your mind, with an ultimate aim of being able to only be aware of your awareness! That life force within you, that knowledge that you are! It takes time to get to that stage; hence the use of some Mantra is recommended. Just recite that Mantra (which is the same as Japa) very slowly, with an intention to create space between two cycles. This will also slow down your breathing.
    Now going into meditation, think of your innermost wish and keep it at the back of your mind. During meditation you are close to Him, Creativity is at the peak, you are allowing it to work for you. No more you need to labor at it. At the end of the meditation, visualize the fulfillment of your innermost wish. Picture in full details. Experience the joy of having that dream realized. And it won’t be too long before you will actually see that wish materialized.
    Repeat the process of meditation before going to bed. When you are in deep sleep, you are closest to the Divine, it will then work on your innermost wish, create the opportunities for you to realize it.
    Nisarga Datta Maharaj has said, ‘Destiny is the result of causes, mostly accidental, and is therefore loosely woven’. By channelizing your thought energy, keeping connected with the Divine, you can overcome it easily.
  • Positivity is of utmost importance. Everyday when you get up and start your day observe if you feel upbeat, down or neutral. Continuously feeling down can cause chronic depression and we need to guard against it. So keep a list of good things, your achievements, people who love you (no matter what) and think of them to brighten your day.
  • Throughout the day maintain the above state of mind; never drop it from your vision. Mind is like TV channels, you have a choice of tuning into any of them, and you must select the channel of positivity, ignoring all that upsets you.
  • The key to keep your mind from worries and stress is to observe your thoughts through out the day. There are two ways to stop thinking unnecessarily:
    • Think only if you have to plan your tasks, either for a day, or for a week, or for next few hours, etc. But this should be done only at specified times, e.g. morning, noon, evening etc. You don’t need to keep planning continuously. You may need to adjust your plan, if something unexpected happens, that is ok. And of course, you need to think if you are at work, about the task at hand. But then you must be fully engrossed in that task, leaving no time to worry or for mind wandering.
    • All other times, our thinking is useless. It is very mechanical, very egoistic, meaning thinking of our good, or our problems, or our emotions.
  • If you stop this, you have two choices:
    • Observe the surrounding, nature, be in the present moment. Enjoy what is happening around you.
    • Or, think of Him, silently recite your Mantra.
  • Really both the above lead to Him. Because Nature is Divine in disguise. Being in the nature is a way of keeping connected with Him. Then you are not pre-occupied. You are tuned to His presence. Whatever you are doing, be conscious of your actions, that brings the Supreme Being into play, He is on your side, the success is guaranteed.
  • We are always doubting people. In most situations, we doubt our actions, we doubt other’s intentions and there is hardly any trust, neither in ourselves, nor in others. So it is supremely important to trust in our actions and decisions. Once we make a decision, stick to it and leave it to Him to fulfill. Because Divine is intelligent and benevolent. But remember that every doubt weakens the outcome!
  • Always put your best foot forward. Then every act, every thought will be in the good cause. That is recorded in the universal consciousness. It is your reservoir of goodwill. From that will come your pay back in the hour of your need.

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