My Journey

Mine is a journey to the Eternity
from chaos to peace

Mine is a journey from want to abundance
and is a climb to the summit of happiness

Mine is a journey from hatred to love
and from lower truth to higher truth

Every day I am waking to the light
after a long slumber in darkness

I am moving from one to many
and I am seeing many in one

I am moving with the time
but not realizing deep inside
I have remained where I began

I started as a point from nowhere
becoming a body of mere ego
only to end in a speck of dust

I am being drawn from turmoil to tranquility
by that constant pull of Divinity

My journey is not over until I lose myself
and merge with the Infinity

And I begin my journey from Bliss to Bliss
when the phase of darkness is over
and the journey no more!

Photo: Halong Bay, Vietnam


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