Insensitivity – the Killer

Are we becoming more and more insensitive to our fellow beings? Just cast your eyes around you when you are in train, or on a platform, or anywhere you have to wait for something. What do you find? People either on their mobile phones, talking or texting, or on the tablets, surfing somewhere. Anywhere, but There! They are far removed from the world around them. So much so that they are extremely vulnerable to unforeseen incidence of any kind, either man made or natural. How much equipped are they to face any situation? Zero, none, zilch I will say. Some time back I read an article in Wall street Journal where it mentioned the story of a man shot in New York train, in front of passengers, many of were simply ignorant of the gun trotting man, they were too busy on their phones.

Now I am sure not many of those calls or messages can be important, or needing urgent attention or response. Yet it has become a habit, a dangerous and callous habit. Yet the same people may be going home or to office where they will preach on the need to be more human, or tell their children to be more patient or friendly to their classmates. So, I am equally certain that none of us are insensitive in the core, at our heart. It is just a habit, a way of life.

Many of us take this habit into social gatherings, office meetings, wherever they go. Now if you think of the person at the receiving end of the conversation, imagine how much he or she would be frustrated, not being able to convey the point across, simply because the other person is not listening.

I have seen many times, in-spite of all the requests to turn off the mobile phones, people talking loudly over the phones during movies or plays. This can certainly be managed by using a text message or going out. One needs to be sensitive to their fellow beings. This is the beginning of the awareness of the Divine around you. Next, you would have the same respect for the environment, and the entire animate and inanimate world engulfing you. And then you will receive the same respect form those around you, without you ever demanding.


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