It was long back, when I created the universe
And few simple organisms
Wherein I lived
I did not exist then, as God,
The religion did not exist, with few humans
They did not know who and where I was
They did not care either
But they were happy, few good men

Trust in the unknown was all they had
They built life around trust, in the unknown
And in themselves
They killed only if they were hungry,
But not other humans, that was a no no!

And they found what they thought
A ghost named religion.
Supposedly to please me
Which they stuck to like a leech

And the mayhem began
They were not happy with one religion
More were bred, faster than humans
They started killing others
And they started praying me

Leaving me to ponder at their insanity
Wondering what if I close my shop tomorrow
Pack this universe and walk off
Where will their religions be?
And those millions who died at their hands
No one will be left then, the killer and the killed
I will prevail only to start all over again
Next time may be a better specimen

photo credit: Girona. Collegiate church of St Feliu. Tomb of Guillem Arnau de Clarí and his daughter Arnaleta (around 1200) via photopin (license)


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