End your problems

So how many problems do you have in life? Well the answer, I am sure, would be, hundreds of them. I don’t have to second-guess. But really? Is it because, are you constantly thinking of problems only? Is your thinking problem centric or solution centric? Therein lies the answer to all your problems. There is no denial that we all have some sort of problems. But trick is to differentiate trees from the woods. In fact without exception, we all can bring down our problem list to one or two max. And those who can do it are the lucky people. Because, most of the times many of us cannot pin point our topmost problem. Our top problem varies almost everyday and our attention is scattered, focus lost. But for those who can, the solution is in their hands, and it is easy, workable all the times and with assured success. It is not just me saying, but something that is proven throughout the history of mankind, embedded in our scriptures.

Here is how it works. Once you identify your topmost issue/problem make sure you exclude all other issues from your mind. Now this does not mean keep thinking of the problem all the times, but on the contrary, just ignore the problem completely, except that it is kept, as if in a safe deposit box, in the back of your mind. Have a complete faith and confidence that your problem is in the safe hands and is being worked on. Every day, two, three times in a day, write your problem in the diary, and imagine the solution state. Meaning what solution you would like to see. Draw a picture of that solution, even a rough sketch will do. Over a period of time you will be able to refine it, to your surprise. Also detail the solution; expand as much as you can. Hold this picture of solution, your success, your end objective, in the mind always. Every time you have a spare moment bring back this picture to front of your mind, as if opening your safe deposit box, and then keeping it back. Nisargadatta Maharaj says, our advice from Inner Self to Outer Self is mostly negative: ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that, sacrifice, give up etc.’ Convert this into positive enforcement, e.g. ‘ Do this, continue, strengthen, etc.’

At no point you should have even an iota of doubt about the solution and its validity. In fact you should occasionally celebrate the success in anticipation. The key is, doubts affect the solution. Doubts mean we are not surrendering fully to the Divine will. Doubts interfere with the materialization of the solution. It takes some practice not to think of your top problem and not to worry about it. But in reality, all your worries are because you are so attached to the outcome. That anxiety is unbearable. Our thinking is habitually egocentric; we think we are responsible to find the solution. This is thinking outwards. We must learn to think inwards, to see beyond our senses, look for His signals. The less we think, more there is a chance to clearly see the flash light of solution, it appears suddenly.

So what is the logic behind this phenomenon? It is simple. As we uplift our thinking from problems to solutions, from external to internal, from self-centered egoistic thinking to Divine thinking, as we surrender to HIM, we are closer to that Divine energy, the most powerful source of all the material and the subtle world, we are one with Him. If you think about how the universe got created, thru that supreme will, you can now trust that the same is within you and me and all, and no solution remains outside His sphere of influence.

David Hawkins, a famous spiritual master, has very beautifully articulated that we can achieve our goals effortlessly once we are aware of the Power we have, the Power that governs all our actions and results. This is none other than that Divine Power we are referring to.

Another aspect of worrying is, it points to our egoist nature. The things or people we are worrying about are the ones we have held closely to our heart, we are so attached that they cause us pain when they are not right. We are worried about loosing them. The true love should not be binding, isn’t it? But we cannot let them go away, as deep inside our mind we have owned them. So next time, just think and wish everything well for them, from deep inside your heart, and just keep that beautiful wish at the back of your mind. And continue your daily routine with a trust and confidence; your problem is bound to be resolved.

Photo: Japanese Garden, Arboretum, Seattle