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Having spent many years reading and researching into spiritual, social and leadership issues, I intend to share some of my thoughts, findings and ideas, which I believe will be helpful to the society, to people aspiring to lead a stress free, successful and purposeful life. In the rat race to earn just a basic living, we tend to get satisfied with mediocre goals and achievements, oblivious to our potential to excel, reach the pinnacle in our chosen field. We compromise even to achieve small gains, so we don’t have to go thru the pain and suffering. This site will provide some practical, simple and thought provoking pointers for you to consider.
With religion becoming a commercial enterprise, it is far removed from the simple spiritual principles, which Swami Vivekananda promoted thru all his writings and talks. He lived a life that is a source of constant inspiration to common man. This site will use these principles and present in today’s context.
To be successful in your career, you need to adopt a holistic approach, as success has to become a habit, and you have to achieve excellence in everything you do. I will share some insights into what succeeds and what does not.
Few words on my background: Have qualifications in Engineering, IT and management, with extensive experience in finance industry in Australia. I have keen interest in philosophy, social work and spiritual studies. I love science, and specifically Physics and Cosmology, and I am excited to see how science and spirituality are converging.
As a part of my social work I conduct free Leadership Program in Sydney for young professionals aiming to climb the corporate ladder.
Let us together explore the journey to excellence.

Sydney, Australia

Photo courtesy National Geographic. Photograph by Robin O’Neill.


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