Welcome to Speck of Truth

We are all striving to do better, improve upon our present state, and aim to reach that elusive goal- happiness. It is human nature. But that goal is intrinsically linked to the Divine Principle, the higher truth. When we realize that, we are a step closer to our goal. The methods and ways may differ, but that goal we all have. Some have it clearly defined, some have a vague idea. But as Swami Vivekananda says, ‘Man is not travelling from error to truth, but climbing from truth to truth, from truth that is lower to truth that is higher.’

He clearly articulated that the God is not confined to the temples and places of worships alone; you can find him in your chosen field, in humanity, the whole space and universe surrounding you. But to understand this ultimate truth, requires a radical shift in our thinking, break away from impressions of the years, generations. We are fortunate to have all this knowledge available to us through our scriptures, and their lucid explanation by all the great saints. But many of us don’t get to study this till late years in life, yet it is the young generation who can benefit from this the most, for they can apply it to their long life ahead.

Vivekananda preached unity in diversity, a universal religion that would be a way of life. Unfortunately we are seeing more and more of divisive forces, smaller and smaller pockets of religions and faiths who hold that only theirs is the true one. And these are the breeding grounds for extremism and intolerance.

This site is a platform to bring that old message of universal love and peace in the forefront of our mind, a small attempt to contribute to the cause of humanity, by making the young generation, and the older ones who may have not had a chance to reflect on this, aware of the huge potential we have as a united humanity. Let us cross the boundaries, which we have created ourselves – geographical, religious, linguistic,… the list goes on.

This goal of happiness, universal peace and reaching the Divine can be achieved by progressing in three dimensions, Social, Spiritual and Leadership. One cannot be happy by himself, without the society being happy. And to realize Him in our daily transactions and dealings, we need the spiritual base. And we all have a leadership role to play, wherever we are, thus influencing others around us. This site will deal with topics related to these dimensions.

The principles here are not restricted to any one community, religion, or country, but they are universal, and more relevant today than ever. We draw upon the vast teachings from all religions simply because they all preach the same underlying truth, the existence of that one single everlasting Divine Principle, manifested in the whole nature. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ meaning ‘the whole world is one family’ was proclaimed in Upanishads thousands of years ago. It is time for all of us to embrace this.

Join us in spreading this message.